Wine, Beer

& cocktails

Know what you like? Order by the glass or bottle. Need some guidance? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help create a sampler so you can try several wines and discover what you love. All of our wines are produced on site.



  • Merlot (dry)
    Medium-bodied, lightly oaked with plum flavors. Pairs well with Italian food, salmon and shellfish, as well as lightly-spiced dark meats. $20
  • Comfortably Numb (dry)
    A bold red that’s lightly oaked to perfection. Pairs well with steak and game. $20
  • Let It Go (dry)
    A dry light bodied Pinot Noir. $18
  • Middle Aged (semi-dry)
    Natural fruit and spice aroma add to the elegant flavor. $18
  • Kellner Red (semi-sweet)
    Chambourcin grape blended with a touch of Chancellor to create a smooth, classic semi-sweet red. Pairs well with rich, saucy meals. $16
  • Emma Red (semi-sweet)
    A medium bodied wine made with Chancellor grapes. You can expect flavors of black cherry, red fruit, black pepper and even chocolate. $16
  • Comfort Zone (sweet)
    Sweet blend of Chancellor & Concord grapes that’s sure to be a favorite for any occasion. Pairs well with saucy meals. $14
  • Vanishing Point (sweet)
    Sweet blend of Pink Catawba & Chancellor grapes. $14
  • M2 Sweet (sweet)
    A sweet blush that uses Pink Catawba grapes to achieve the delicious flavor this wine has to offer. $14



  • Chardonnay (dry)
    Medium-bodied with a buttery finish. Available as lightly-oaked or non-oaked. $18
  • Stress Reliever (dry)
    Medium-body Pinot Grigio with flavors of pear, apple and hints of lemon. Pairs well with shellfish, chicken and other white meats. $18
  • Cold Shoulder (semi-dry)
    Geisenheim grapes make this crisp, citrusy easy drinking wine. $18
  • Hocus Pocus (semi-dry)
    Perfect blend of Chardonnay & Pino Grigio. $18
  • Lazy Daze (semi-sweet)
    Riesling that’s great in summer. $18
  • Warm & Fuzzy (sweet)
    Made from Cuyoga grapes which makes this a perfect summer wine. $15
  • Wine-O-Clock (sweet)
    Niagara grapes make this fresh, vibrant and easy-drinking. Best served chilled with pasta and shellfish. $14
  • Relaxed Fit (sweet blush)
    Can’t decide on red or white? This wine exhibits fresh, clean, charming features from the best of both worlds. A good fit for the end of the day. $15


& Cocktails

As a winery, our first passion is (you guessed it) great wine. We also know variety is the spice of life, which is why we’re proud to offer a small selection of beers and cocktails. If you’re looking for something other than vino, or if your crowd simply prefers a good brew or mixed drink, you’ll find it here.

  • Craft beers from local breweries including Two Bandits, 4KD Crick, Maumee Bay and others
  • A variety of domestics on tap and in bottles and cans
  • Classic cocktails featuring top-shelf bourbon, whisky, rum and vodka



Non-drinkers and designated drivers can choose from tea, sparkling water, soda and other non-alcoholic beverages.

    16982 County Road M2
    Napoleon, Ohio 43545


    Wednesday-Friday: 5-9 p.m. & Saturday: 12-9 p.m.